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Bathroom remodel 2005.

Thank you for visiting Patterson Plumbing and considering our services. Hi, I’m Ivan, owner of Patterson Plumbing and Drain Inc., now in my 15th year of business!

My journey into plumbing started as a curious kid taking everything apart just to understand how things worked. My father being a plumber had me around as a helper especially in tight places under houses. Born in Santa Cruz Ca., and growing up in Los Angeles, I graduated high school and then joined the Marines as a helicopter mechanic.

Four years later with an honorable discharge from the Marines I was hired on with a big plumbing company back in L.A. Over the next 10 years I dealt with many daily challenges and experiences with plumbing that gave me the confidence needed to start my own company. In 2005 I received my C-36 License and started Patterson Plumbing & Drain Inc.

I like being a plumber because it gives me the chance to make a positive impact in people’s lives everyday using a skill I truly enjoy. I hope I can help you, too!

“Thank you for your business!”

A Plumber You Can Trust.