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Welcome to Patterson Plumbing and Drain Inc

Hi! My name is Ivan Patterson. After 20+ years of plumbing for customers just like you I've come to realize that building relationships is the most important thing. Of course you're going to receive on-time service, respect in your home and high level professionalism, but most importantly, you're going to get a plumber you can trust for years to come. Thank you for choosing Patterson Plumbing and Drain Inc. We are looking forward to meeting you! Hope you have a great day! -Ivan

~C-36 Plumbing Contractor, Lic# 869970
~National Fireplace Institute, Cert# 694716

Company Bio

Ivan Patterson: President/CEO of Patterson Plumbing and Drain Inc. 20+ yrs in Plumbing. Licensed C-36 Plumbing Contractor #869970. National Fireplace Institute [NFI] Certified #694716.

Services We Provide

Gas Lines and Gas Fireplaces
Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

Convert Wood Burning Fireplaces to Gas

Energy efficient and good for the environment. Wood smoke contains heavy amounts of particulate matter (PM) which is hazardous to our health and the air we breathe. The quiet whispering fan blows the heat into your room, you won't have to heat the whole house which cuts down on energy bills.


"...installed...flawlessly...very honest and zen like..." "...prompt...professional..went over everything with me... will use him again in upcoming projects." "...worked quickly... explained everything...respectful...friendly...I would highly recommend..."